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BUS 303 Assignment: Reflection and Projection (Essay Sample)


BUS 303: Develop Professional Skills II: Final Elements of Advanced Elements. Summary of paper. Business and management.


Reflection and Projection
Institution Affiliation
Reflection and Projection
In the class of BUS 303, I have learned several important concepts, but I found professionalism, working in groups, and effective communication more valuable and intriguing than the rest. About professionalism, I found it more important because the concept described how a person should conduct themselves during business activities. Before enrolling in this class, I thought that professionalism entailed dressing smartly at work and possessing advanced degrees and other certifications. Nevertheless, I have come to realize that professionalism means more than this and it matters a lot when it comes to advancing one’s career to greater heights. Therefore, I have learned that practicing other things apart from being smart and possessing various certifications is crucial. For instance, it is critical to practice integrity, honesty, accountability, competency, and self-regulation, and these aspects would be of great importance in advancing one’s career.
Working in groups is another concept that I found most valuable in the class of BUS 303. Some of the things that I have found important as far as this concept is concerned is that working in groups helps to satisfy one trait of human beings. Human beings are social in nature, and they thrive as a part of a group in every stage of life right from birth. Working in groups, therefore, gives an individual a sense of belongingness, which is important in many aspects. For example, before attending the class, I would find it difficult to express my opinion individually, but after learning that working in groups helps one to build confidence, I have discovered the importance of participating in groups. Also, groups are important in fostering relationships among people with different skills and personalities.
The third concept I found most valuable is effective communication. I have learned that communicating effectively is important for various business operations. It is essential for an individual to have excellent communication skills both verbal and writing. Various business activities involve formal and informal communication with clients, colleagues, and management. Thus, if one anticipates succeeding in any business environment, they should strive to improve their communication skills.
At one point in this course, I failed in my assignment as a result of failing to tackle it early enough before the deadline. Every student was given two weeks to submit the assignment, but I could not do it until the very last day which means that I had little time to conduct comprehensive research. Consequently, I failed to achieve the expected grade in that assignment. From this experience, I have learned that it is crucial to manage time effectively because if I allocated time to all of my activities effectively, I would have had enough time

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