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Budget Project Part 2. Business & Marketing Essay (Essay Sample)


***** PLEASE make sure you answer all the teachers questions throughout writing the paper, linking it back to websites sources. She is frugal..... (Being my chart told me I save to much money, we probably need to find a website that tells me what I should do with my money. Some way that I should invest it, stocks, a cd, or something.... and why..... (It will give me more of an income to fall back on at retirement age if I need more money) ( or it could be that I am saving it for my children's investment after I am gone) ** Just an idea) Another example..... I could donate more money into charities. I like the Billy Graham Charity, or any childhood cancer (DIPG) is a good one. We need a cure still. The paper said my charity giving was a little low , lol


Budget Project
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These days, it is too difficult to bring in a lot more money than we need to spend at home. However, there are some straightforward ways to reduce our spending (Cagen & Colgate, 2011). As is clear from this worksheet, we made $3,300 in June and $4,000 in July. The total monthly expenses for June were $2,500 (saving us $800), and for July, they were $3,200 (saving us $800). I think saving $800 a month is not enough as the money we spent in July was $800 more than what we spent in June. It was better for us to save a total of $1,600 in July rather than only $800, doubling our savings compared to the previous month.

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