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Biblical Operations Management Research Paper (Essay Sample)


The course also seeks to integrate Biblical principles into the application of Operations Management and Statistics tools/principles. Thus the paper should select one of the Following topics covered in the course (Operations and Supply Chain Strategy; Quality Control and Improvement; One or Two Sample Hypothesis Testing; Regression Analysis; ) Discuss seven ethical issues pertaining to information in that Topic. Next these issues should be examined from a secular standard compared to a Biblical standard and the effect of each standard on the short run and long run performance of the firm. The paper should include examples from real world companies where possible and should enhance the importance of applying operations management and statistics principles properly.
Prepare the paper using the following guidelines:
Use APA formatting, including title and reference pages
Include Biblical Foundations application (500 – 750 of the words)
Minimum of 7 scholarly references


Biblical Operations Management
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Biblical Operations Management
Organizations do not exist on a vacuum but are dependent on both internal and external business environments. Therefore, an organization receives inputs from both environments, transforms them through various processes and exports outputs from these process to the environment. This simple model of transforming inputs into outputs was developed into an operational management which demonstrates how the various inputs are transformed through the various management functions.
As the business environment continues to experience dramatic changes due to technological advancements, more challenges to organizations also continue to emerge as well. These challenges need to be addressed so that the organizations can gain a competitive advantage over others in the market. However, the current competition does not only focus on operational costs but also considers other factors such as the quality of the products and services being produced. Having quality products and services renders one a competitive advantage as well as gains customer loyalty. In order to ensure that the best quality of products and services is achieved, organizations employ various quality management strategies to ensure that their objective is achieved. Addressing the quality of products and services is a crucial approach to the growth and development of an organization. Therefore, the strategies utilized by companies are aimed at achieving their functional objectives through various methods such as problem-solving and product improvement techniques. Quality management is aimed at meeting the needs and preferences of the customers.
Biblical perspectives to operations management
The concept of operations management dates back to when God was creating the universe. Having the right inputs and processes, the quality of outputs of God’s creation was high, with people and all other creatures made the universe beautiful. Therefore, God’s objective was to produce products that were of high quality. Based on this, it is evident that the objective of Quality Management in an operation management is to produce quality products. After God created the man (Adam and Eve), he mandated them to produce the best out of Garden of Eden (Gen 1:28). Later, God gave Noah the responsibility of building the ark. When we read through the Bible, the output of Noah’s work was of high quality and none can be compared to it to date. Noah built a structure that was of an unimaginable size and shape that retain earthly things and survived the floods that destroyed everything that was on earth except those that were in the ark itself. This demonstrates that the ark was of high quality as well.
Another biblical perspective of operations and quality management is from the New Testament when Jesus fed more than 5,000 men (Mark 6:30-44). When Jesus was preaching, many people were coming and they did not have any time to eat, when the apostles realized that the men had not eaten, they approached Jesus and told him this but he told them “You give them something to eat” they replied “That would take eight months of a man’s wages. Are we to go and spend that much on bread and give it to them to eat?” Jesus asked them what they had and they said “five loaves and two fish.” Clearly this was not enough for the 5,000 men not even for the disciples themselves. But Jesus transformed them into plenty of food that satisfied all the people who were present and even some food remained. From this New Testament operations management testimony, it is evident that the food was of high quality since nobody complained about it and all were satisfied.
From the above brief analysis of operations management from a biblical perspec...
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