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BE Unit VII Assessment 1 of 2: Wal-Mart's Social Image (Essay Sample)

Do you consider Walmart a company that has a positive or negative social reputation? Do you think they impoverish the communities they have a presence in or do you think they have good social intentions by providing lower prices and employing thousands of people? Support your answers by conducting online research and citing your findings in APA format source..

Wal-Mart`s Social Image
A positive social reputation is critical in the long term business performance and profitability of a business organization. Firms with elaborate corporate social responsibility programs that ensure socially beneficial charitable works within the surrounding communities are able to significantly enhance their social standing CITATION Har08 \l 1033 (Hartman, 2008). This paper establishes whether Wal-Mart has a negative or positive social reputation and the impact its activities have on the surrounding communities.
By and large, social reputation of the Wal-Mart company can be said to be relatively positive. Compared to the dark image the company had in the years leading up to 2006 due to its aggressive business strategies, the social reputation of the Wal-Mart company has improved considerabl...
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