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Assignment Feb 20 Business & Marketing Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


Please see attached instructions (2), and supporting documents (4). Please email me for any questions. Thank you!


Assignment: Coty Inc.


Main Instructions: My topic is “Coty Inc.”


It is okay to provide condensed versions of tables or graphs
within your paper, but provide full versions in your appendices.
Make sure your report is supported by literature and credible
external websites such as It is okay to utilize
organization websites to provide support for mission, vision,
diversity statements, etc.
Cite sources used within the text and provide the bibliography in APA style Proofread your paper for spelling and grammar errors before
Note: Title/cover page, Table of contents, executive summary page, references page, and appendices are not included in the 10 – 12 page count.

Use at least 10 academic, scholarly or professional practitioner sources, and minimum 10 in-text CITATIONS are required.

Each of the MBA Program Learning Outcomes (PLO) is
embedded within the course. If you write a meaningful paper,
touching on each area covered within the course, you will
successfully achieve the Program Learning Outcomes.

Below are the topics that were covered throughout the course:
Module 1 - Organization Background & Benchmarking
Module 2 – Organization Background, Ethics/Legal, and Current Events
Module 3 –Marketing, Financials & Accounting
Module 4 – Organization Culture, People, and Diversity
Module 5 - Strategy and Planning Analysis—Organization Goals
Module 6 – SWOT Analysis: Preparing for Recommendations
Module 7 - Recommendations, 21st Century, and Moving
Module 8 - Synthesizing the Report (ALL)

The report is synthesized by interweaving the above
topics in a coherent paper (avoid the tendency to rewrite
the titles and make a running list. You had the same
organization all session, so just flow with it)
The Executive Summary is also a synthesis of what you

Write your 10 – 12 page paper

Just follow this outline and write about 2 - 3 paragraphs about each of these Capstone outline bullet points. (based on overall findings and recommendations, based upon literature and your SWOT analysis, etc.)


Capstone outline:

1. Executive summary: I suggest that you draft this last after you complete your paper. (length - about 3 paragraphs). Your paper should have no more than a 1 page executive summary as the first page of your paper.

2. Organization Background & Benchmarking:
Describe the company (Coty) and its core business and the industry in which it competes (the cosmetics industry). Provide a brief summary about Coty Inc. Write its mission, vision, brief history and any relevant current events.

3. Organization Background, Ethics/Legal, and Current 1 to 2 Events:
Describe the Coty’s organizational structure. Review and then write Coty’s organizational chart and try to retrieve as much background information as possible on the top “C” level positions, i.e., CEO, CIO, COO, etc.
Is the organizational structure similar to another organization you are benchmarking (L’Oréal is another organization I’m benchmarking)? Explain your answer. After reviewing the background information on the C level positions, are there any related HR issues (positive or negative) in the media, articles, or other external sources? Investigate the make-up of the people within the organization (backgrounds, country of origin, etc.). Does Coty demonstrate diversity and/or cross-cultural awareness? Does Coty have any statements regarding diversity in its mission or vision?

4. Marketing, Financials & Accounting:
Describe the Coty’s marketing and its financial performance. What is Coty’s marketing strategy/mix? What differentiates it and or gives it a competitive advantage over others in the industry. How is it relevant to Porter's model and or PESTLE.

5. Organization Culture, People, and Diversity:
a. Compare Coty to the industry in accordance with Porter's five forces model and/or PESTLE. Briefly provide a brief overview of how one or both of these analyses are useful in analyzing Coty?
b. Retrieve Coty’s financial statements, then review the concepts below, identify them within Loreal’s financials, then briefly explain their implications within Coty.
1. Statement of Financial Accounting Standards
2. Cash flow after operations
4. Contribution Margin

6. Strategy and Planning Analysis—Organization Goals:
What are Coty’s short and long term goals? Are they published for both internal and external constituents viewing? Discuss Coty's goals compared to those within the industry. Are they partnering with others inside or outside the industry?

7. SWOT Analysis: Preparing for Recommendations
Develop SWOT analysis for Coty - identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT)

8. Recommendations, 21st Century, and Moving Forward:
(This is where you give your opinion on any actions you think Coty should take to maintain its growth and improve its growth as a company. These are your right or wrong answers...just your opinions based upon what you learned about the company. (Recommendations to the company on any changes you think they should make or do, such as add product lines, additional distribution, greater emphasis on internet sales, etc.
What are the future trends for Coty? How are the trends you identified viable within the current industry?



Coty Inc.
Student’s Name
Table of Contents TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u Executive Summary PAGEREF _Toc32728640 \h 3Introduction PAGEREF _Toc32728641 \h 3Organizational Background and Benchmarking PAGEREF _Toc32728642 \h 4Organization Background, Ethics/Legal, and Current 1 to 2 Events PAGEREF _Toc32728643 \h 5Marketing, Financials, and Accounting PAGEREF _Toc32728644 \h 7Organizational Culture, People, and Diversity PAGEREF _Toc32728645 \h 8Strategy and Planning Analysis—Organization Goals PAGEREF _Toc32728646 \h 9SWOT Analysis: Preparing for Recommendations PAGEREF _Toc32728647 \h 11Recommendations, 21st Century, and Moving Forward PAGEREF _Toc32728648 \h 12Conclusion PAGEREF _Toc32728649 \h 13References PAGEREF _Toc32728650 \h 14Appendices PAGEREF _Toc32728651 \h 16Appendix 1: Coty Organizational Structure PAGEREF _Toc32728652 \h 16Appendix 2: L’Oreal Organizational Structure PAGEREF _Toc32728653 \h 17Appendix 3: Gender Statistics PAGEREF _Toc32728654 \h 18Appendix 4: Financial Statement PAGEREF _Toc32728655 \h 19Appendix 5: SWOT Table PAGEREF _Toc32728656 \h 20
Executive Summary
An analysis of a company’s environment can yield important information that can foster improvement of the performance of an organization. Coty Inc. is a US-based firm that operates in the competitive beauty industry. The company owns and licenses 75 brands, which it markets and sells in more than 150 countries around the world. Some of the popular brands under the company include Burberry, Calvin Klein, Adidas, Gucci, Boss, and Chloe. The operations of the company are primarily divided into three segments that include professional beauty, luxury, and consumer beauty. Each of these segment has a leader that form part of the company’s organizational structure.
The company’s organizational structure is diverse and experienced. At the top of it is its CEO, Pierre Laubiles, who has extensive experience in leadership and business. The company recently hired experienced Sophie Hanrot as its Chief of Human Resources Officer. The financial statements of the company indicate that it has been making losses and for this reason, the company implemented a “Turnaround Plan” that focused on changing culture and productivity, reducing costs, and rediscovering growth.
Major challenges facing the company include established competition, financial problems, constantly changing customer preferences and rising labor costs. This paper offers key recommendations that can help the organization return to profitability.
The ability of an organization to succeed today depends significantly on its evaluation of the factors in the internal and external environment that affects its operations. Form the internal environment, an organization’s background, management, culture, and financial factors impact operations and its approach to the market. Externally, factors such as political temperatures, technology, and competition influence a firm’s operations. Through an analysis of internal and external influences, an organization can develop a strategic plan to foster performance in the short run and the long run. This paper examines the environment of Coty Inc., an American-based beauty firm that owns and licenses more than 75 brands.
Organizational Background and Benchmarking
Coty is one of the major multinational beauty organizations in the world with leading positions in Europe and America (Coty Inc., 2019). According to the firm’s 2019 annual report, it sells and distributes its products in more than 150 countries around the world. The company primarily operates under three segments: professional beauty, luxury, and consumer beauty. The professional beauty segment t...

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