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Article Review: Purchasing and supply chain management (Essay Sample)

Article Review Read the assigned article from this week's readings. Consider yourself as a project manager at American Airlines, and John MacLean is your project sponsor. Describe some example projects you could be the leader for, and how an efficient supply chain process can support the profitability of American Airlines. Submit a 1 – 2 page, APA style paper. Use concepts from the text for purchasing links to profitability and your knowledge of project management to support your views. 1. Read the following online article: o Teague, Paul. (2009, October 15). John MacLean, Supply Chain Manager of the Year [Electronic Version]. Purchasing, 138(10), 12. This article is a professional example of procurement planning in a large organization. You will need to read this article to complete your written assignment this week. References Benton, W.C. Jr. (2010), Purchasing and supply chain management (2nd edition), New York, NY: McGraw-Hill Irwin. source..
Profitability of the American Airlines Name: Institution: Finance planning and strategy is a project in the American Airlines. John McLean sponsors the project and I, the project manager. The project`s mandate is to coordinate finance planning and strategy of the company. As the project manager, it is my responsibility to deliver superior strategic planning, reporting and results, to provide leadership and staff development. Also, my roles as the project manager entail establishing goals, objectives, and set measures to increase efficiency and productivity. Presenting John McLean with financial analysis for key presentations is another role that I play at American airlines. It is demanded that I portray leadership and strategic thinking skills, problem solving, and ability to translate data and research into action. The project is supposed to increase the profitability through purchasing strategy and proper planning. Profitability can be defined as the state in which a company realizes many financial earnings (Gadde, & Hakansson, 1993). On the other hand, refers to the process of acquiring goods and services in order to achieve the goals of the company. The goa...
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