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Apple Customer Service (Essay Sample)


Hi: Here is my assignment: Topic is Apple customer service, and training our employees to better assist customers and document complaints coming in from users about some of our apps and services. Take us through the process you would go through to analyze the situation and come back to your boss with a recommendation addressing. •How will you gather data and assess the problem/ opportunity? Thanks


Customer Care
After the marketing strategies comes the art of making sure that the customers that have been brought on board are treated with utmost care. Apple is one of the leading technologies in the world and has had quite a following with its brand of laptops, tablets, smartphones, TVs and desktop computers among other technology related gadgets.
Customer care does not just cover the services that the customers receive after they have made their purchase; rather it spreads from before the purchase, during and after. One of the major aspects of the customer care quality is that is cuts both ways (, 2014). When it is efficiently conducted in a manner that the customers feel they are attended to in the best way possible, with their queries and complaints resolved, they feel the need to always buy from the company. This means that it can become a competitive advantage that breeds loyalty and at the same time yields quite significant returns on investment. Given the chance to assess the customer care at Apple Inc. and illuminate on the problems as well as the opportunities, I would use a three tier approach.
The first step would rely on documentation; in data collection and analysis, would be to assess the customer care policies and practices that have been developed and followed over the years. In most of the cases, the policies and the formally accepted practices underline the health of the customer care services, as these forms the ground rule. At the same time, the metrics that are used in the profiling the top customer care agents also have to be reviewed in light of the appropriateness. This way, the customer care strategies can be assessed along the lines of their strengths and weaknesses. The data on the risks involved with respect to returns on investments with reference to the various oper...
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