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Analyzing Annual Reports: Coca Cola and Pepsi Inc. (Essay Sample)


Analyzing Annual Reports
Locate two annual reports either in paper or electronic form. Use the following questions to analyze both reports:
Who is (are) the audience(s)?
What is (are) the purpose(s) of the report?
How is the report organized and what does the order of information reflect about the company?
How does the report validate/support the claims it makes? What type of evidence is used more often—textual or visual? What kinds of claims are used—logical, emotional, or ethical?
How does the text establish credibility for the report?
What can you tell about the company's financial situation from the report?
What role do visuals play in the report? What image do they portray for the company? How do the visuals help establish credibility for the report? What do they imply about power distribution in the company?
Does the report deal with any ethical issues?
The final write-up.
Your references should be cited in APA format.
Work should be written in THIRD person.
In this assignment: Attach a one page Word document using Times New Roman font, size 12, in response to the assignment description.
Be sure to:
Answer each question listed.
Work should be written in THIRD person.
Mind your grammar and punctuation rules.
Check the flow of content using paragraphs, listing and indentions to separate your responses.
DO NOT number your responses in your submission.
Always cite your references in APA format.


Analyzing Annual Reports
Student’s Name
Institutional Affiliation
This paper chose to analyze Coca Cola and Pepsi Inc.’s annual reports because they are the primary competitors in the beverage industry.
Audiences of the annual reports
The stakeholders such as suppliers, shareholders, creditors, board of directors and customers among others of both companies are the audiences of the annual reports.
Purpose of the report
The primary object of the annual report is to provide information in respect to the mission and history of the company as well as summarize the achievements and activities of the company in the past financial year (Biswas & Bala, 2016). Moreover, annual reports are being prepared as a regulatory requirement.
Structure of the report
The report is structured as follows
* Letter from the chairman. In this section, the chairman of the board explains the companies achievements in the past year and the strategies put in place for the coming year(s).
* Sales and Marketing. This section

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