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Advanced Professional Skills Assignment: Reflection And Projection (Essay Sample)


As you wrap up your BUS 303 experience, Assignment 6 gives you the opportunity to reflect on what you’ve learned this semester. This assignment consists of two parts (i.e., the reflection and projection sections below), is worth 5% of your final grade, and should be one-two full, single-spaced pages.


  1. Describe three lessons or concepts from this course that you feel were the most valuable to you. Be specific about what you learned and why it was meaningful or useful. If you find this difficult, please explain why and provide 2-3 specific suggestions for how this course could be improved for future business students.
  2. Overall, did your professional skills grow during this semester? Why or why not?


  1. What do you want to have accomplished in your career five years from now?
  2. Think about the challenges that might arise as you pursue those goals. How will you use professional skills to navigate those challenges?

Advanced Professional Skills Assignment 6 – Reflection and Projection
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Advanced Professional Skills Assignment 6 – Reflection and Projection


Three concepts/lessons from this course that I feel were the most valuable to me are as follows: effective communication in the teams and in the workplace, working in teams, and attaining success in interview. The lessons on the topic of effective communication are very valuable to me as they have allowed me to improve on my communication skills, which are of great importance in creating a more positive workplace environment. Communicating effectively is critical to getting projects done and to creating strong relationships. In addition, good communication in the place of work helps an organization to operate effectively and to be productive (Turaga, 2016). If people within the organization can communicate up and down the company’s communication chain in an effective manner, the employees’ commitment, productivity, and even morale would increase (Turaga, 2016). A team leader or manager should tell the subordinates what is expected of them. Poor communication brings about failure, errors, and at times even litigations. Effective communications helps to prevent these. According to Gaur (2013), staff members tend to become more engaged in their work when a culture of effective communication is created in a workplace or team. Also, when there is such as a culture, employees are able to better align with the goals and objectives of the company.

The lessons on working in teams were also very important to me given that at my current place of work, there are many occasions in which we are required to work in teams. Teams in general share particular traits, such as explicit goals and a mission or purpose that is defined clearly. In any business, good teamwork is crucial for high performance. It is an indication that people in the company are working toward common goals and a shared purpose, and in so doing they share their diverse skills in complementary roles and in collaboration with one another.

Interview success was also valuable lesson since I was able to acquire knowledge and skills that I will use when applying for a job position to ensure that I succeed in interviews. Some of these skills and knowledge that I believe would be useful in my future job applications include dressing for the job rather than dressing casually when going for a job interview; using appropriate language; and having good non-verbal communication such as connecting with a firm handshake, making eye contact, and standing straight to demonstrate confidence. Others are listening and letting the other person know that I heard what he/she said; not talking too much; clarifying my selling points; avoiding being overconfident; not appearing desperate; researching the company and the industry; and asking the right questions which show my interest in the job and what goes on in the organization.

Overall, my professional skills grew throughout the semester. For example, at the start of the semester, I was not very good when it comes to working in teams. When I worked collaboratively with others, I used to find myself in conflicts with my team mat

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