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Administrative responsibility (Essay Sample)

please answer the attached question , The sorce you can use is : public administration concepts and cases – ninth edition by richard j. stillman source..

Public Administration
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(February 10, 2012)
Public Administration
Much has been observed in the Friendrich`s concept of administrative responsibility. His idea revolves around the political and personal responsibility within the organizational bureaucracy. In addition he examined the functional responsibility brought about by the scientific and the professional standards that guides the administrative discretions. His concept of administrative responsibility continues to be of interest to many public administrative scholars in the resent times. Friedrich`s idea is however contrasted by Herman Finer, who argues that there should be some strict rule to govern the subject towards obeying the political and administrative superiors. According to Finer the public administrators are guilty for non-compliance of the law. They are ignorant, lazy, and corrupt or wish to enrich their personal interests at the expense of the others. They also tend to exhibit some technical incompetence and negligence in their work. And because of this there is a great need of establishing an ethical government with efficient public administrative body. The administrators should therefore check on the abuse of power by electing supervisory body. This paper will seek to analyze some ethical dilemmas which are evident to the Abu Gharaib administration. The paper will however use Friedrich`s and Finer`s administrative responsibility ideas.
According to Friedrich, it is impossible to enforce some responsible conduct amongst administrative functions. He argues that responsible conduct can never be enforced under tyrannical administration (Stillman, 2010). Taking an example of Abu Gharaib prison as our case study, there is much administrative inefficiencies which hinders justice. For instance, the many technical mistakes, misplaced priorities and the political misjudgments are some of the unethical behaviors which continue to block justice in the institution. There is also some increased incidences of torture and humiliation of prisoners which greatly lower the U.S military reputation in the world. The reason why there were such administrative deficiencies...
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