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Marketing: 12 Angry Men Group Development and Dynamics (Essay Sample)


Watch the 1957 movie 12 Angry Men. Read the essay questions and take notes while watching the movie. When you click on the link, it will open in a new tab. You might be prompted to install a plugin called "Silverlight" to view the video. Note that Chrome browsers do not allow plug-in content; Firefox is recommended.
Twelve Angry Men (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.
If you have problems while viewing the video, refer to the Textbook, Technology, and Resources page of this course. The film, directed by Sidney Lumet, tells the story of a twelve man jury who, In the 90 minute film, considers whether the subject should be acquitted on the basis of reasonable doubt or is to be found guilty. Watch for content you learned in this week's module, group development and dynamics.
Explain how you can use 12 Angry Men to illustrate the following topics from the week:
Group Development
Group Dynamics
The Punctuated-Equilibrium Model
Group Decision Making
Group Roles
Formal leader
Informal leader
Social Loafer
The Twelve Jurors:
Juror #1 (The Foreman): (Martin Balsam) A high-school assistant head coach, doggedly concerned to keep the proceedings formal and maintain authority; easily frustrated and sensitive when someone objects to his control; inadequate for the job as foreman, not a natural leader and over-shadowed by Juror # 8's natural leadership.
a body which includes your exploration of the five points cited above,
a Conclusion which summarizes key findings, and
an APA reference page;
12-point Times New Roman font or similar, double-spaced with 1" margins.


Group Development
When there is more than one person in a group and there is a need to work together, there are some aspects that come up. This is relative to the adjustments that the people in the group have to make relative to staying or working together. There are elements of group development which are linear.
12 Angry Men
In the 12 jurors, the stages of group development are evident. From the time they meet, the disagreements, forming allies and finally delivering the verdict, there is a sequence ("12 Angry Men (1957)", 2017). The Tuckman’s model of group development, these stages are indicated as, forming, storming, norming and finally performing ("Forming, Storming, Norming, and Performing: Understanding the Stages of Team Formation", 2017). As the group interacts, there is evidence of group dynamics. From the way they interact, there are dynamics in the way disagree, the roles that they take and the level of influence to the end. The punctuated equilibrium model is also indicated in the fact that each of the jurors had a character that they maintained. Looking at the 8th juror, he is not convinced that the kid kills the father ("12 Angry Men (1957)", 2017). His character is unchanged from the start which is also the case with jurors such one, who is vengeful. Within the group there is the element of graduate development from the time that they start and claim a guilty verdict, through the debates and finally coming to the answer.
When the jurors meet for the first time, they are ready to send a kid to the hangman but juror 8 is adamant. However, with time they end up joining hands with juror 8 ("12 Angry Men (1957)", 2017). Group decision making involves a group collectively making a choice after evaluating their options. There is also the element of roles in the group. As the members interact, they easily take up roles. Those that have leadership roles are seen to rise up and direct the rest such as the eighth juror. He starts off as a normal member of the group and then rises to the level of leader and influences the rest of the group to follow his decision. This is despite the fact that at the first of the group interactions the rest of the group had claimed a guilty verdict; while the eighth juror was th...
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