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BIO 101 Module 3 SLP Taxonomy: Archaea, Bacteria and DNA (Essay Sample)


Required Material

Characteristics of organisms in the 6 major kingdoms:

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Principles of taxonomy and classification:

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Variety of plant life forms:

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Variety of animal life forms:

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Types of vertebrates and their organ systems:

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Guralnick R, Collins A, Waggoner B, Speer B, Whitney C, Smith D.  UCMP Exhibit Hall, University of California Museum of Paleontology, UC Berkeley.  Accessed on February 20, 2014 at http://www(dot)ucmp(dot)berkeley(dot)edu/help/taxaform.html


Taxonomy: Archaea, Bacteria and DNA
Trident University International
BIO 101 Module 3 SLP
Trident International University
Microbes are found indifferent environments and they thrive depending on the conditions. Among the microbes there are archaea and bacteria, which have different characteristics. There are three domains of life, the archaea, the bacteria, and the eukaryota, where prokaryotic organisms are either domain archaea or bacteria. Organisms have DNA and RNA with the DNA associated with the genetic coding, and it is necessary to understand how chemical principles influence cellular activities and functioning in microorganisms. To further understand the microbial world I will focus on metabolism between algae and cyanobacteria, and will then identify organism most likely to be found in environments with abundant crude oil.
What general characteristics determine whether a prokaryote belongs to the Archaea or Bacteria domain?
Not only do the bacteria have simple shapes they are also small making it difficult to classify the bacteria in the basis of morphology. The prokaryote organism domain is divided into archaea and the bacteria. One of the ways to distinguish whether they are archaea is to identify the rRNA, as it is unique foe the archaea where the molecular regions are different from the bacteria rRNA. The archaea can be classified into methanogens, extreme halophiles and extreme thermophiles depending on whether they produce methane, live in high salt concentrations or live in high temperatures (Guralnick et al., 2014). Similarly, for the bacteria the rRNA is unique or these organisms when compared to the archaea. The archaea can withstand extreme conditions including strong acid or alkaline concentrations and higher temperatures compared to bacteria (Guralnick et al., 2014). As such, they tend to be found n diverse and extreme environments. Other elements that should be considered to differentiate the two are the cell membranes and sensitivity to antibiotics. Studies on the population changes of archaea and bacteria especially in the marine surroundings suggest that the archaea could be more sensitive to hydrocarbons compared to the bacteria (Urakawa et al., 2012).
Define DNA and RNA. What role do DNA and RNA play in this determination?

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