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BIO 101 Case 3 Assignment: Principles of Taxonomy (Essay Sample)


Characteristics of organisms in the 6 major kingdoms:

DiVenere, Vic (2011) The Diversity of Life. Accessed February 25, 2014, at:

Principles of taxonomy and classification:

Dirnberger, Joseph (n.d.) Phylogeny and Systematics. Accessed February 25, 2014

Variety of plant life forms:

Farabee, MJ (2004) Biological Diversity Nonvascular Plants and Nonseed Vascular Plants. Accessed February 25, 2014 at

Variety of animal life forms:

Farabee, MJ (2004) Biological Diversity : Animals I. Accessed February 25, 2014, at:

Types of vertebrates and their organ systems:

Kimball, John (2011) The Vertebrates. Accessed February 25, 2014,


Principles of Taxonomy
BIO 101 Case 3
Trident International University
Part I: Sea squirt
List the Kingdom and Phylum, for the sea squirt and then briefly describe the characteristics that determine the organism's classification at each taxonomic level.

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