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Biological & Biomedical Sciences
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Organic Molecule-caffeine Biological & Biomedical Sciences Essay (Essay Sample)


To write according to the requirements, I have listed the requirements in more detail on my file. I chose caffeine.,type(12 arial or equivalent)


Learning Goals: In this independent study, we are learning to:
represent organic compounds in various ways (IUPAC nomenclature, structural diagrams, etc)
investigate the reactions and behaviour of organic compounds
understand how the chemical structure of a substance is connected to its physical and chemical properties
assess the benefits to society and the environmental impact of organic compounds used in everyday life
develop and propose recommendations for society to reduce the use of compounds that are harmful to human health and the environment
IMiWiyMlXA It) ftlcws.
- orcjccyxte- -ftiyvCrtfo yvc<A
Purpose: To choose an organic compound used in everyday life and to
analyze its structure, reactions, properties, social and environmental benefits and risks.
Content: Include all of the following: csubWwofcwo fao**
(a) the origin and history of your compound;
(b) its method of manufacture (mechanism of polymerization or reaction sequence);
(c) its structure explained (include a structural diagram);
(d) its chemical and physical properties;
(e) its main use(s);
(f) outline any health or environmental concerns relating to your compound or its production.
(g) Propose a course of action to mitigate these concerns. This can be on a personal, societal, or governmental level.©2019 S.J.C.S.


Written in clear English, using proper grammar and spelling, and appropriate chemistry terminology
APA style in-text references and a bibliography (reference list) of_at least 3 sources of varying types in standard bibliographical format.


Institutional Affiliation
The word caffeine was derived from the Arabic term qahweh. The background of the word echoes the spread of Coffee into Europe through Turkey, where coffee plants were planted in the sixth century. Coffee started to be common in Europe in the 18th century. By that period, farms have been developed in Indonesia and West Indies, and by the 19th century, coffee had developed to be the largest crop in the world. The first isolation of caffeine from Coffee was in 1819. The caffeine can also found in other plants, including tea, which was used in China for many decades where it has been alleged revealed by the Chinese emperor; Cocoa and chocolate produces; kola nuts which was chewed by local people in West Africa for many decades. Currently, Cola nuts are used in the preparation of cola drinks and the guarana seeds. In addition, the caffeine availability of coffee beans differs according to the types of coffee trees. Most of the beans from Coffee Arabica grown, particularly in South America, contain approximately 1.2 % caffeine content.

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