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Lab Safety Measures For Home Experiments (Essay Sample)


Option #1: Lab Safety Paper
Lab safety is a critical element when you are performing labs at home.
Watch one of the following videos about lab safety:
The Hands-On Labs safety video:
The Crash Course safety video:
While these videos cover lab safety for the general laboratory, much of the material also applies to labs performed at home. In your paper, discuss the following:
Highlight five important lab safety tips that apply to home experiments and explain why they are important.
Based on the information in the video you watch, discuss where you plan to perform your labs at home and why you think it is the best place. A picture would be nice here!
Describe what you will wear to perform your labs. A picture would be nice here as well!
Discuss any safety issues that may arise in your home, such as kids or pets interfering with labs, as well as any measures you will take to prevent issues from arising.
Essay Requirements:
Your essay should be 1-2 pages long.
Include a title page.
Follow the CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA.


Lab Safety Measures
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Whether at home, school or office, all labs contain several inherent hazards and dangers; so we must learn how to work safely with these dangers to prevent injuries to an extent. We should also be familiar with all the procedures of the experiment and the nature of chemicals. If you are a newcomer, you should never perform experiments without an instructor. First of all, we should never eat or drink anything in our laboratory. Whether we have built it at home or in a school, the chemical residues are likely to get transferred to our gloves so we should avoid eating or drinking something, until the experiment is over and we have washed our hands and face with a quality soap. We should save our snacking for the bedroom, not the laboratory. Meanwhile, storing our beverages and food in the same refrigerator that contains chemicals or samples is not a good thing because this can cause serious health problems (Hill, & Finster, 2015).
Most home-based laboratories have dedicated waste containers for biochemical wastes, sharps, radioactive wastes, and organic chemicals. A vital laboratory safety rule is to know what to do with our equipment and wastes when the experiment is over. Before starting the experiments, we should keep a dustbin and two pieces of clothes close to our table. The next safety rule is

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