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Humans And Ecosystems: Issues We Are Causing In Our Environment And Ecosystems Today (Essay Sample)


Humans have a huge impact on ecosystems today. Talk about why we can no longer study most ecosystems that have not been touched by humans. Talk about some of the large scale issues we are causing in our environment and ecosystems today. No less than 250 words


Humans and Ecosystems
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Humans and Ecosystems
We can no longer study ecosystems that haven't been touched by humans because there are no ecosystems which have not been touched by humans on the earth. Scientists argue that research conducted through the use of archaeological data found that there are no untouched places on the Earth's surface which are unaffected by human activities (Azaele, Pigolotti & Maritan, 2006). Various archaeologists have undertaken archaeological studies on ancient microfossils and DNA and came up with insightful conclusions. They indicated that the impact of humanity on the planet started way before the massive social and technological changes resulting from the industrial revolution. The effects were observable as early as the late Pleistocene period characterized by the extinction of species

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