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Explain What A Genetic Mutation Is And The Difference Between Inherited Mutations Versus Point Mutations (Essay Sample)


This paper should be approximately 2 to 3 pages long and reflect the information contained in the resources provided above.  When summarizing the information you read from the Nature website, NOVA video, or any resources you use to support your opinions, be sure to synthesize the information into your own words, and cite the references. Please use complete sentences and write your paper in essay format using subheadings to organize the required topics.


Genetics and heredity
Institutional Affiliation
Explain what a genetic mutation is and the difference between inherited mutations versus point mutations.
Genetic mutation is the lifelong alteration of the DNA sequence in living organisms, making them different from others. It does so by altering the building block of organisms namely the DNA and the RNA (National Institute of Health, 2017, May 30). Mutation occurs at different levels and sizes whereby they can affect a single DNA, thereby altering reproduction or affecting an entire chromosome thereby altering many genes.
The genetic mutation occurs in various forms such as inherited and point mutations. Inherited mutations are mutations that occur when an individual acquires DNA materials from their parents right from when fertilization takes place. The subsequent fertilized egg acquires genetic materials from the two parents and if the genetic material adopted contains mutations, the kid develops mutations as well. The mutations occur in all cells in their bodies. Contrary, point mutations are modifications of one DNA unit with another in a DNA sequence, causing a change in a particular location or point. These mutations mostly arise because of mistakes made through duplication of DNA particularly through contact with X-rays or ultraviolet radiations.
Describe how the technology explained in "Personal DNA Testing" can be used to detect mutations and predict your health.
Genetic tests are tests undertaken to identify or confirm a diagnosis especially when symptoms to various conditions occur. The process of genetic testing works through analyzing of DNA, proteins and various metabolites that result in genetic disorders. Mutations arise through conducting the following tests. First, is the newborn screening whereby a blood sample is collected after birth from an infant, which then undergoes screening for inherited changes present in their ...
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