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Evolution Of Life: Primordial Soup Hypothesis (Essay Sample)


Your roommate heard about our discussion in class regarding the evolution of life and wanted to learn more about it. Based on the information presented in class and the associated readings (Zimmer 2009 and Lane et al 2010), which of the two described hypotheses for the origin of life on Earth (primordial soup/replication first hypothesis vs. hydrothermal vents/metabolism first hypothesis) has in your opinion stronger support? Briefly write a clear, accessible, detailed document that highlights the main steps by which life first evolved under your chosen hypothesis, as well as any limitations or unanswered questions that in your opinion are still present. Your answer should be no more than 500 words.


There two theories that explain the evolution of human life. The theories contradict the argument by other scientists of life having come from comets and meteors (Zimmer, 2009). The theories are the primordial soup/replication first hypothesis and the hydrothermal vents/metabolism first hypothesis. In my own opinion, I would select the Primordial Soup Hypothesis because it gives a clearer explanation that is based on tangible arguments.
Primordial Soup Hypothesis
It was a theory that was derived from a contraption of glass bulbs and use of crackling electrodes. The theory tries to explain how life came to be. It argues that the atmosphere of the earth in the early days could have produced chemicals that were necessary for life. The theory was first developed after an experiment by Stanley Miller and Harold Urey in 1953 at the University of Chicago. The experiment actually brought to light that theories about the evolution of life could be actually tested in the laboratory.
According to the theory, the earth in the early contained large amounts of methane and

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