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Dental Caries And Its Sequalae Research Assignment (Essay Sample)


Dental caries and its sequelae


Dental caries and its sequalae.
In our modern society, it can be observed that many people especially the young ones and elder ones have a problem with their teeth. They are experiencing different problem from tooth ache, bleeding gums and many more. Most of these cases simple started from a small problem that being ignored which resulted to this predicament.
‘Rottenness' is the literally meaning origin of the Latin word where the term ‘cavities' came from, which is ‘Caries'. Caries, dental caries or probably known as the tooth decay. Tooth decay is experience by different age and race, though people who cannot avail dental service, poor hygienic practice and those who rarely visit their dentist are the ones who gets to develop tooth decay in a faster rate. Things starts to develop when humans who are in the process of eating had left a residue on their tooth. These residues that are surrounding a particular teeth is commonly known as ‘plaque' and such elements will stick around the teeth until such then the protective layer will be eradicated, thus making the nerves feel a great pain. In external changes, colour transition of teeth from yellowish shade to black is a sign that tooth decay have been already there. When a certain teeth has the shade of black, it causes that person to have difficulties on eating or chewing since the nerves are being vulnerable to foreign matters.
There are about four major tissues around our teeth namely, Enamel, Dentin, Cementum and Dental Pulp. The Enamel layer is the first in the line of protection of our teeth against bacteria and acids that might degenerate our teeth. Dentin is also part of the layer and has the same purpose of Enamel, but also this time it protect our nerves and gums from the reach of the said bacteria and acids. According to studies, the acids on our teeth that causing the decay came from the residue of our meals and with the interaction with bacteria's residing on our mouth. The combination between these two produces acid that then damages the teeth. Also, sweet flavoured compound containing fructose like sugars are one of the most highly reactive on causing such negative effect on our teeth.
S. Mutans (Streptococcus Mutans) is in general the bacteria that prevails mostly on our mouth that has something to do with our plaque. Plaque, by the way, is composed of specked of microorganisms that reacts when residue of food had been stuck in-between tooth. From these there are occasions where gingival margin and fissure with pits also came into scene. When failed to remove these floraevolve and the plaque would soon gone into calcifying process forming calculus or better known as tartar. Drinks like fermented sucrose and some non-milked sugars, are being responsible for decalcification that would end up a cavity sooner or later.
In some studies, S. Mutans have the capability to assist other bacteria on propagating like. Veillonella, Lactobacillus, Bifidobacterium, Propionibacterium, low-pH non-S. mutans streptococci, Actinomyces, and Atopobium. The said bacteria's are essential on formation of cavities or caries. The bacteria's for initial part would be antinomies spp. and non-S. mutans streptococci. Some of these are categorized to have direct impact on health condition, while as the other one is for tooth decay particularly.
Pit and fissure cavities, root cavities and smooth surface cavities, are the three types of cavities that are commonly known to the dentist when categorizing a tooth decay condition. Pit and fissure cavity that can be seen on the grooves behind the teeth. The location where it develops are the place where it is hard to clean it makes sense that cavities there have a faster rate on development. For remedy, a cover or seal is placed upon the teeth with the problem in ...

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