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Cell and development. Properties of Normal Cells and Cancer Cells (Essay Sample)


It's an essay for cell and development class and my professor wants it to be a paper for one kind of disease. For instance, you pick breast cancer as your topic. First, you should have a brief introduction to general cancer then you should talk about the kind of cancer you chose and related cancer (have the same reason cause different cancer or different reasons but both cause the breast cancer ). Then specific to the kind of cancer you choose and introduce what's the normal cell do and what they can't after the mutation. The different treatments and the different treatment for different stage and what's the advantage and defect. The reason why people choose the different treatment.
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Cell and Development
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Cell Development: Lung Cancer
Cancer refers to a chronic disease that occurs as a result of the formation of uncontrolled body cells known as cancerous cells. There are many types of cancer, and each is classified based on the type of cell that as initially attacked. Cancerous cells are cells that no longer respond to normal cell growth and death. In the early stage of cancer, the cancerous cells rapidly grow and become increasingly resistant to the body immune system since the infected cells cut the coordination with other normal cells. The cancer cells survive the body’s immune response by evading and resisting the programmed cell death. The disease harms the body when the abnormal cells irrepressibly divide to develop masses of tissue known as a tumor with the exception of leukemia case where the altered cells in the bloodstream inhibit proper blood functioning. Essentially the lumps of a tumor tend to affect the blood circulatory, digestive and the nervous systems, and therefore triggering the endocrine glands to secrete hormones that interferer the normal body functions. In the late stage of cancer, the cancer cells break and diverge through normal tissues and spread, and infect the other parts of the body under a process called metastasis.

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