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Biomedical Sciences: The Eocyte Hypothesis (Essay Sample)


Explain the eocyte hypothesis for the evolution of eukaryotes (as described in class) and contrast it to the three domain hypothesis (as presented in Zimmer, 2009). Discuss how the Mito-late vs. Mito-early hypotheses described in lecture (as presented by Ettema 2016) support the eocyte concept. Your answer should be no more than 500 words.


Biomedical Sciences
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The eocyte hypothesis is a significant biological classification that indicates that eukaryotes originated in eocytes (also known as Crenarchaeota), which is a phylum of the archaea. In 1984, James Lake and his companions proposed this hypothesis after studying the shapes and sizes of ribosomes in eukaryotes and crenarchaeota for years. They claimed that both eukaryotes and crenarchaeota possess similar characteristics, and their eocyte hypothesis gained lots of attention (Zimmer, 2009).
Unlike the eocyte hypothesis, in the unexpected ancestry theory, biologists divided life into eukaryotes and prokaryotes using different microscopes and they aimed to find details of organelles and cells. Unfortunately, they could not achieve any success, and thus this project was shut down. Similarly, in 1983, Thomas Smith from the University of Oxford stated that eukaryotes were capable of branching o

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