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Biology Assignment About What Is A Sex Linked Trait? (Essay Sample)


What is a sex linked trait? What is the difference in inheritance between boys and girls for sex linked traits? Describe an example of a sex linked trait in humans other than those in the textbook. No less than 250 words


Sex-linked Traits
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Sex-Linked Traits
A sex-linked trait is defined as a trait whereby a gene is only attached to the X chromosome. Sex linkage is associated with the gender of a person since the gene controlling the sex-linked trait is attached to the sex chromosome (Qvarnström & Bailey, 2009). In most cases, the sex-linked characteristics are attached to the X chromosome thereby resulting in females having two copies of the linked gene whereas the males have one copy of the gene.
According to Mendel's model, the inheritance of genes is quite similar for the boys and girls as it produces identical phenotypic ratios. However, the inheritance of the same genes on the sex chromosomes of both the male and female progeny shows different phen

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