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WOMEN DEVALUATION IN THE HISTORY OF ART. Visual & Performing Arts (Essay Sample)


hello, please review the document I upload carefully and finish the paper according to the requirement.
Please take out the Egon Schiele out from the artists list. Coz this course is about art since 1968. So That Egon may not fit within the scope. Please choose another artist who is recent age, fit the thesis of this essay, and replace Egon Schiele.


I love the work you picked and think you are correct in your assessment of D. Arbus.
Your thesis is also very strong - however, you need to be more specific in how you reinforce your thesis with direct evidence.
Make sure you talk specifically about visual evidence in the paintings, specifically the painting you selected. What are the visual cues that you can reference to argue your point. What are some other authors that you can cite..You are certainly on the right track, but try and be more specific..


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           The year 1968 is perhaps more than any other year will be remembered as the decade of radical change. Not only did the year witness, the occurrence of several events such as the political assassination of Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr in the political front, the year also saw a transformation in the art world. Human civilization has come and go to forget the contributions of women in different institutions, including art (Strong, 2002). There is much more that remains to be done in art institutions such as schools, museums, public galleries and practices review before any changes occur in women's position in art. Several investigations in art history depict that women as subjects and artists have been devalued in the history of art (Collins, 1979). The revolutionary events that happened in the 1960s made the decade a turning point for the social revolution of art as it saw numerous artists becoming political activists in challenging the patriarchal culture of men as authorities of society (Akdemir, 2017). Furthermore, the art from this era reveals the transformation accustomed to the political climate.
           Although the term gender refers to both sexes, gender issues as a concept are majorly driven by the emergence of feminism (Strong, 2002). The paper argues that gender is the social and cultural classification of femininity and masculinity and not the biological determination of the sexes. Therefore, gender representations of women in the art should be the outcome of the cultural processes that define a sexual and social identity that is not based on the misrepresentations of the patriarchal culture of traditional society before the 1960s. In this paper the artworks of Judy Chicago, Nancy Spero, the Guerrilla Girls and Robert Mapplethorpe are studied to understand the depiction of the various representation of the woman as subjects and creators to acknowledge women as important contributors in supporting society as a whole.

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