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The Differences Between Chinese and Western Art Culture Style (Essay Sample)


The Differences Between Chinese and Western Art Culture Style


Chinese Art versus Western Art Culture Style
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Chinese Art versus Western Art Culture Style
The idea of what is beautiful is complex to define. The same is true when people trace the cultural trajectory of their relationship with beauty. Culture is critical in determining the kind of art that people create and consume. Artists from different cultures often have different ways of representing the same object. In this case, there are vast differences between Chinese and Western cultures. These differences are often depicted in art as artists from the two divides showcase their works. Chinese and Western artists tend to utilize different perspectives to represent the world around them, in both geometric and in a metaphorical form.
Western art is rich in color while Chinese art is mainly in black and white. The Western artists tend to use different colors such that the paintings are closer to the way people look at in their daily lives (Culture Theory, 2019). Color has for a long time been used in Western paintings for religious reasons. A majority of artists creating religious-themed subjects know that color plays a critical role in enhancing their work. Consequently, Western artists borrow much from religious themes to include more color on their art. Western paintings hence have a strong visual impact. On the other hand, Chinese art does not emphasize on colors. A majority of Chinese paintings are mainly black and white. Instead of using color to show details, Chinese painters show the general overview of an object. They do not emphasize on chromatic richness hence they are free to use black and white.
While the Western painters emphasize mathematical rules to organize space, Chinese painters do not view space as a measurable geometrical entity. During the Renaissance, the Western painters tried to create an exact view of the environment. The move caused Western artists to employ mathematical rules in organizing space (Bao et al., 2016). As a result, Western artists try to create an exact view of what they observe. This brings about the need to include geometric perspectives in drawings. On the contrary, Chinese painters have not developed the idea of creating spatial relations (Delahaye, 1993). Instead, Chinese artists consider human relations with the environment. Here, they do emphasize on the exact physical representations of objects.
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