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Societal Diversity in Gone Girl Research Assignment (Essay Sample)


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Societal Diversity in Gone Girl
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Societal Diversity in Gone Girl
Gillian Flynn wrote her book, “Gone Girl” in 2012. In 2014, it was scripted and played as a movie. The events of the film unfold, as a couple is getting ready for their fifth wedding anniversary (Flynn, 2012). Different characters emerge, beliefs feature and diminish, personalities bruised, names called and shocking answers found. In all these aspects, it is easy to identify the different characters presiding in a society. The society where Nick and Amy live in appears diverse from these events and reflects on the societies people are in. From these two characters, Nick and Amy, the individuals identified to exist in the society vary from one to the other and present an experience with a large number of people (Flynn, 2012). While focusing on the two characters, this paper identifies different ways in which diversity appears in the story through personality traits and at the same time linking them to the current situations of societies.
The story unfolds when Nick and Amy are planning for their fifth wedding anniversary. Nick comes home but does not find the wife (Flynn, 2012). He starts a search, and the police begin their investigations. Nick is not aware that the search will land him in trouble. Blood strains at their door are leading pointers that he is responsible for the murder of his wife. Main reasons why the allegation points at him are their stay of two (Flynn, 2012). No other person was in the house and had noticed the disappearance. The police then take a close investigation and the media gets attentive. Nick’s name goes all over about the murder and bruises his personality. When she finds Amy, he comes to a shocking realization. Amy reveals that she sought to use the trap because of the possible infidelity of the husband (Flynn, 2012). That stand by Amy shifts attention. They come back together with Nick, reconcile and stay again as husband and wife, hoping to solve all the cases in their family.
From the film, it is easy to notice diversity from the personality traits of different people featuring in the story. Some people are friends as the two began; there are enemies as the story unfolded into the trappings. The community seems to believe that some people are malicious. They can kill and plan evil things to their close friends and other members of the society. The diversity identification can extend to professionalism, as Nick had a job; the media is a different profession as the police present a different career.
Friendship in the story starts from the wedding anniversary the two are planning to commemorate. People who are plan a wedding anniversary have the aspect of friendship in them. The theme of love proves that the two were friends and developed into the strong bonds. It is unfortunate that when Amy disappears, no other person appears to take responsibility. No other friends and neighbors look. It meant that they did not know how to make friendships or their friends were not in the vicinity (Mandelson, 2014). This could extend to either outgoing and introvert personalities. Though it is a show of all characters, it features more about female personality that changes from one to the other. The chief detective Kim sympathizes with Kim during the search for the killer. The sister is, Carrie, s realistic but a sympathetic one as Mendelsohn points (2014). Amy’s mother Lisa is the harsh type, short tempered and possesses no thinking in the events.
The women in the story have diversified opinions, and all are towards an event involving two individuals. The principal aim of the character in using several female traits in the story was to invite different female viewers to understand the need for critical and acute reasoning in times of trouble...
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