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Film Review: The Sapphires (Four Aboriginal Girls) (Essay Sample)


This analysis is based on a group presentation we have presented. The film we did is called The Sapphires. Please use APA style to write an analysis on this film and make sure to include the critical reviews provided and the box office information within no  more than 1200  words. I will send you a list of references you need to base on later.


The Sapphires
The sapphires Review
The film in question is The Sapphires, which was released in the year 2012. This is an Australian film, about four Aboriginal girls; Gail, Julie, Kay and Cynthia. Acted in the 1960s, the girls go around signing in tatty bars, performing country and western music. It is a local talent content that they meet up with the next big break in the form of an Irishman that is chaotic and boozy, Chris O'Dowd. He is a talent scout and the minute he spots them on the stage, he feels that they so much potential that they are given credit for (, 2017). However they need some work and they need to change the music that they have been performing to classic American soul. Chris turns the girls into stars, touring the US military bases in the Vietnam (Pow, 2012). The film is a comedy drama that is easy to watch and enjoy. It is one that could be classified as an over the top comedy. However, it is also important to note that the film also uses codes and conventions which relate to other genres such as, musical, history, social critique
The audience are guaranteed to be laughing, celebrating and crying for the achievements of the four women in the film. The film majors on two themes that is, family and belonging along with performance and identity. In reference to the family and belonging theme, the film focuses on the relationship that the girls share as they interact on and off the stage. This is a crucial part of the film as it brings out the element of a film that can be watched by a family setup. Where there is family drama and comedy, there is need for the director to ensure that the family theme and the sense of belonging are emphasized (, 2017). This helps with the audience's concentration, as most of the audience are looking for content that they can relate to and enjoy at the same time, without too much controversy. The film is able to reach out not just too the aboriginals but also the global community, with the unique blend of integration of the cultures and appreciation for the same through music and performances (Bradshaw, 2012). The sapphires also growth in confidence and experience. This is relative to the fact that they experience the element of escaping the limitations of Australian society and racism there in. The exuberant self-belief in talent and growth, they experience are all rooted in the way that the girls were nurtured in an environment that rich culturally in Cummeragunja mission. This brings out the theme on identity and performance. In reference to the latter, every other performance is uniquely presented. Every other performance is geared towards hinting at what is going in the girls' lives. The themes are a reflection of the Australian struggles as the aboriginals tried to edge their way into bigger stakes I the country after being oppressed for years (, 2017). They have now risen to achieve more than national status but international as well.
The main characters in the film are Chris O'Dowd who takes the part of Dave Lovelace Deborah Mailman as Gail, Jessica Mauboy takes on Julie's character, Shari Sebbens is Kay and Miranda Tapsell as Cynthia. Dave is seen as the irresponsible alcoholic for a talent scout ("Characters", 2017). He had been a piano teacher in Australia before he meets the girls trying to make it in the field of music and performance. The other character is Gail McCrae, who is cast by Deborah Mailman. She is the eldest of the sisters and she tends to be the one making the main decisions in the group ("Characters", 2017). As such, she is seen to be protective and aggressive in the group. Jessica Mauboy as Julie McCrae, is the youngest of the group. She is seen to be quite uneasy with travelli...

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