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Re-invention: The Scream By Edvard Munch (Essay Sample)


6 Reinventing a Masterpiece
Using the textbook from this course, Living With Art, or the images from our class on MDID ( that we have or will look at in this class, choose ONE image and reinvent it using another medium or media. The possibilities are endless, I only ask that you be faithful to the original piece. You can use any material: photography, collage, 2D or 3D materials, paint, crayons, magazine pictures, rubbings, baked goods, fabric, buttons, labels, etc.. You can look to the samples (professional and student work) provided for inspiration.
It will be necessary for you to photograph the final product to submit with your paper.
You will include also a one page written paper discussing how you made your design. Speak to it FORMALLY, looking at color, line, compositional elements, type of materials used, and what it was about the original work that inspired your choice of materials. Then discuss the CONTEXTUAL elements of the design – the place it has as a reflection of the society that produced the original work of art and your reinvention.
Be sure to identify the original work and where I can find it in the text (page number).
ps: I will also send some example for the Reinventing A Masterpiece, If you can not find the image from that website, you can choose it from the example, please make your own design and describe it, thank you so much.


Re-invention: The Scream by Edvard Munch
Re-invention: The Scream by Edvard Munch
The Scream by Edvard Munch is an expressive painting with a combination of colors showing swirling sky in the background and a person's face screaming in anguish alone on a dock in the foreground (, 2011). In my re-invention of the scream, I used compositional elements of lines and colors to express inner thoughts, feelings, and emotions. My re-invention includes an additional expressive face on the foreground with an open mouth shaped icon of a screaming person.
My reinvention includes jagged continuous lines leading the eye in a specific direction to suggest turmoil. I used acute-curved lines to express confusion and to express loneliness and internal struggle, I used dark colors of black, dark blue. The dull colors

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