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Musical Analysis: The Play the Tempest (Essay Sample)

i attended a musical theater play in the college and it was preformed by some students who it was the first time to preform and some actors the instructor wants me to write about their performance and what mistakes they have done ! there was a rich people and poor guy and a theif. source..

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(November 11, 2011)
Musical Analysis: The Play the Tempest
I went to the school Theater last weekend to watch the play "The Tempest" I did really enjoy it the play was well set and its theme were well articulated. The main theme of the play was the illusion of justice and difficulties on how to distinguish Monsters and Men. The characters were well versed on the play contents and the themes they were supposed to portray in the play. At the play proceeded it was involved with a lot of art and creativity. The author of the play has managed to write story surrounding himself hence being personalized.
In search for sympathy search for justice is imposed on the events in the play such that the audience are able to understand the scenes of the play with ease. The happy ending after justice was granted was the optimum of the play and the viewers were very much moved by the reality which the actors made the story to look like. The actors involved the viewers throughout the play which was a good idea of the director of the play.
The inhuman nature of the actor Caliban is well articulated in the play such that the audiences are not able to distinguish between men and Monster`s as they were similar. However, such similarities I found them being confusing as one could only distinguish the monsters by the magic which they performed. Use of mysterious noise was a good use of Motif as it created tension and better illustration of the mode of the play at the different stages of its development. Use of master and servant in they play was well thought and articulated as the actors could be to demonstrate the different levels of powers which each of them heard over the others. The servants were submissive to their masters.
In conclusion the whole setup of the play including its lighting was well done and represented the play as a well organized play which has the themes, objects and motif are well presented to the audience and was able to keep the audience in suspense and anticipation on what is the most probable action. This is one of the traits which make the play enjoyable to watch.
List of References
Bloomberg Business week, 2011, Financial Statements for HENNES & MAURITZ AB-B SHS (HMB). Retrieved on 15 October, 2011 Company Profile. Retrieved on 15 Octo...
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