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Music Concert: What is the Behavior of the Audience? (Essay Sample)


Hi, I have 4 music concert review papers due by tomorrow 9am, and now, its 8:30Am, So, I really need your help to help me to finish 4 music concert review.
*** I sent you the writing instruction and I also send you one of 4 concert's topic by picture. Can you write the first one I sent to you first,? because I lost the other 3. So, I need to ask the new one from the TA of that course. ***
In order to write a review of a concert, here are some questions that might help you to organize your ideas:
What is the behavior of the audience? This will vary greatly depending on the venue and the type of music you are reviewing. For instance, are they sitting quietly, or dancing and singing? If so, how intense is their movement, and how does it relate to the music?
What is the affect of the musician(s)? How concentrated on their instruments do they seem to be? Do they have a score in front of them? How often do they look at it? How do they interact with the audience?
Is there amplification in use? Are the sounds processed in any way?
What can you say about the visual dimension of the concert? Do the musicians move around the stage or remain in one place? Is there video involved?
From the answers to those questions, what can you infer about the performer’s expressive aims? Is music the most important element of the concert? Does it share the attention of the audience with more overtly theatrical elements?
The structure of the music will depend very much on whether you are reviewing a classical, jazz or rock concert. Multi-movement compositions (symphonies, concerti, etc.) differ greatly from the concert presentation of a jazz standard, which has extended improvised sections, and both are different from a song (whether the song’s genre is pop, rock, metal, or country).
If the concert as an event consists of a sequence of songs, what can you tell about the playlist? Is there a global expressive arch, or are there peaks and valleys?
If you attend a classical concert instead, are the works by a single composer or by several? Do all the works belong to the same period and/or style?
What does the music seem to prioritize (pitch, rhythm, texture, something else)? Considering what you’ve learned in the lectures so far, what technical information can you provide your reader about the music you heard at the concert?


Music Concert
Music Concert
The last time I attended a music concert, I remember the disappointment that we encountered. Failing machines and unprepared artists had demoralized students and the audience. In this concert, the students had demanded a satisfactory report from the music department hat every item that had failed in the previous show had been serviced. First, to be sure, we confirmed the sounds system which was improved. The walls were covered with some thick clothing to enhance their absorbing power. It was also proper that the artists had come to ensure the set-up of the venue would be perfect for their performance. In some cases, the setting of the event is done without the advice from the artists themselves. For this event, their desires had been met so that none would blame for the shortfalls in their performance.
The concert brought into play the clapping music and the New York counterpoint. It was the first time I came across artists dressed in uniforms. Their appearance, which was in a dark blue trouser and around collar t-shirt struck the first impression. With the audience giving them undivided attention, they had all they needed to entertain the people. One of the artists called on the people to stand so that they would exercise their minds and kill the boredom hey had while waiting for them. With the obedience to artists, they arose but to their surprise, the entertainment started before the pre-said exercise. At a high pitch, the audience was reminded to accompany the music with some clapping and dancing. Clapping Music, which is one of the ensembles done by Steve Reich was the first to be performed.
As the name suggests, clapping music was in phases, with one part fixed and the other moving at different paces. That abrupt change of phase appeared complicated. What kept most people dancing was the constant phase. Most people loved to go with the uniform phase, with directions from the artists. I could describe to my friends who ...
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