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Mozart's Musical Prowess (Essay Sample)

I need to write about two Mozart's symphonies. Violin Concerto No.5 and Symphony No.41, Jupiter . My report must contain the following: 1. A concise, full description of what I heard (talk about all of the individual musical pieces if it is possible). 2. Background information that I find on the internet about the composer including three different citations. After I read the research material, rewrite it in my own words (or paraphrase). Any information that I cut and paste must be listed as a quotation, with correct punctuation. Only about 10% of this research material should be directly quoted. (I will submit this report thorough the Turn It In website.) source..

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Mozart’s Musical Prowess
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was a man renowned for his beautiful and prolific compositions during the Classical era ( HYPERLINK "" \o "Otto Erich Deutsch" Deutsch, 1965). Mozart has been renowned for the various works he produced. Numbering to almost 600, Mozart composed music ranging from symphonic to operatic and choral music. This wide diversity allowed him to cover various genres of music, each considered a masterpiece.
The Violin Concerto No.5 was written during the holiday season. Mozart was in Salzburg in 1775 when this concerto was composed. However, the exact date is still undetermined because an analysis of the watermarks and writing shows the piece’s creation date was changed. The structure follows a scale which moves fast and then lowers itself to a slow but ends on a fast note. The larger number of concertos made by Mozart aimed at the use of string instruments. The concerto which was set in A major K.219 and is about twenty-eight minutes long. The concerto is scored for two horns, two oboes and strings. The first movement, of aperto, is one of the rare movements made by Mozart in an instrumental. This form was generally employed by the composer for his operatic compositions. By setting the aperto movement, Mozart implied that the concerto should begin in a majestic fashion. This is a typical Mozart tune which is followed by a single violin playing a short adiago passage. This adiago is accompanied by the orchestra and is one of the only instances where a soloist intrudes in the movement. The concerto then goes back to the first movement where a single violin plays a different tune the orchestra. The final tune, rondo, is a characteristic Mozart tune which has sections of loud Turkish music. These bits of T...
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