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Moonstruck: Loretta’s family - Film Analysis (Essay Sample)


Students are to choose one image from the film" MOONSTRUCK" yet to be decided. Analyze the composition of the image, its emotional impact on the viewer, its role within the scene, and within the film as a whole. Why is it important?


This shot for me, is a very important moment for the movie Moonstruck. It shows Loretta’s family together with Ronny Camameri, and all other major characters, finally coming to terms with each other through this confrontation. In this scene, we can see the facial and emotional expression of each character. Loretta’s face can be obviously interpreted as a nervous expression, as her fiancé, Ronny Camameri’s brother is seen entering the scene, with an expression of deliberation and assertion. Aside from them, we can also see how the other family members are confused about the situation, but nonetheless, we can see that they are still supportive to each other. We can also see Ronny Camameri’s smug expression, somewhat showing his dedication and nervousness of speaking his own truth, about his own feelings for Loretta. The setting of this shot is at a family home’s kitchen, which brings the mood of hominess, comfort, and truthfulness, as the kitchen is where we can safely say that people are bonding and interacting in a harmonious manner. The comfort of having a meal together, is contrasted by the emotional reaction of the people about the unfolding situation. Shortly after this shot, we see the iconic scene of “I’m confused”, which somehow summarizes the scene. That moment was indeed confusing due to the culmination of tension of how the engaged people were to be wed, and then finally, the release of the emotion from the two lovers, Loretta and Ronny.
The composition of the image puts value on the confrontation in this scene. It puts the main characters together in a setting that would be best described as homey and comfortable. The lighting comes from behind the two main characters, which emphasizes their presence, and centralizes the attention of the audience towards them. This shot utilizes the element of character and setting in a manner that truly relates to the audience’s feelings. The movie was set in winter, and in this shot, we can notice that the characters are wearing considerably less clothing, sharing a meal, and drinking coffee among the family members. This, in my perspective, symbolizes the literal and figurative warmness of family. In the background, we see many cooki

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