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Khafre Enthroned and Seated Boxer (Essay Sample)

COMPARE AND CONTRAST ESSAY QUESTIONS Choose one of the following pairs. You'll write a one page essay, comparing and contrasting the two works of art. How are they similar? How are they different? You'll need to include such elements as size, materials, and intended function in your essay. You should also include some discussion of the context in which the two works were produced. Don't forget: This essay should be in your OWN words! You will submit your essay through SafeAssign no later than 10 a.m. 1. 1-5 Nude woman (Venus of Willendorf) and 4-2 Figurine of a woman 2. 2-2 White Temple and ziggurat, Uruk and 3-4 Stepped pyramid of Djoser 3. 2-23 Ashurbanipal hunting lions and 5-68 Stag hunt 4. 3-11 Khafre enthroned and 5-86 Seated boxer 5. 2-13 Victory stele of Naram-Sin and 5-57 Grave stele of Hegeso 6. 1-1 Hall of the Bulls and 4-8 Bull-leaping you can get the Figures in the book Gardner's Art Through the Ages, by Fred S. Kleiner, 14th edition. No coping and pasting please. this Assignment is to be submitted through Safeassign that can detect plagiarism. source..

Khafre Enthroned and Seated Boxer

Throughout history man has shown great taste for art, which they express through various forms for various reasons. Among them are sculptures that have been discovered from the medieval times that speak volumes about the cultures of the people spatially and over time.
Compare and Contract
The two artifacts, that are sculptures the size of an average human being speak volumes to the artistic eye. Although they are from different times and places, they show some similarity such the proportionality even at their size. The artists were good with details too as this is illustrated from the fact that both the boxer and Khafre sculptures have some naturalistic lines and indentations. For the boxer there is the aspect of the hair the blood drop on the face among others that show great attention to detail. Khafre’s face also shows a lot attention to detail with the lines that create realistic design. The boxer is essentially a sculpture made from bronze by the Greeks at around 330 B.C. it mimics a boxer who is seated down grimacing after a fight.
Although some of...
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