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How is rhythm used in the control of tension and repose? Arts Essay (Essay Sample)


The source of quotations and paraphrases must be acknowledged.
In this 1200-1500‐word paper, you must answer the following question: “How is rhythm used in the control of tension and repose?”
This assignment should be written as a short essay that cites print and audio sources.
Same style as the last essay you wrote, all sources and quotes must come from the Donald Funes book.
Let me know if you can to do this! Thank you.


How is Rhythm Used in the Control of Tension and Repose?
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How is Rhythm Used in the Control of Tension and Repose?
According to Funes (1992), rhythm refers to everything involved in musical elements in time. Rhythm is accompanied by beats that may be softer, louder, longer, or shorter, depending on the song's type. Musical features that are found in rhythm include pace, tempo, meter, and rhythmic patterns. Funes states that for these rhythmical tools to work, the listener needs to have an aesthetic attitude (Funes, 1992). This attitude enables them to listen to music without involving their vivid thoughts, making them experience tension and repose. These rhythmical tools play a crucial role in controlling tension and repose as they allow constant fluctuations in the musical piece. For instance, through rhythmic patterns and musical meters, rhythm can control tension and repose. In music, a meter refers to musical time marking by either the two or three pulse units.
To demonstrate how meter brings an effect in tension and repose within a song, Giuseppe Tartini, known as a Symphony in Major Third Movement. In this song, the basic three pulse group's tempo runs following this order strong-weak-strong, while the bass basic pulse group runs following this order strong-weak (Funes, 1992).
Figure1: Showing the Basic Two Pulse Group of Bass

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