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Film essay: novel Like Water for Chocolate (Essay Sample)

choose a foreign film from the list below watch it, think about it, and then write a 500 word essay about this film. So, first, choose your film! AFRICA Boesman and Lena; Duma; Mama Africa; Tsotsi; Hotel Rwanda; Yesterday (or...find your own...any film based on plays by Athol Fugard or Mbongeni Ngema would be fine...). CHINA The Story of Qiu Ju or Farewell My Concubine or Ju Dou or Raise the Red Lantern or Curse of the Golden Flower (all by Zhang Yimou); Kind of Masks; The Last Emperor. JAPAN Howl\\\'s Moving Castle or Princess Mononoke or Spirited Away (all by Mayao Miyazaki-animated); Ran or Seven Samurai or Rashomon (anything by Akira Kurosawa). HISPANIC La Bamba; Y Tu Mama Tambien; City of God; Like Water for Chocolate; Amores Perros; Volver; All About My Mother (Almodovar)...there are many to choose from! NATIVE AMERICA Pow-wow Highway; Dances With Wolves; Smoke Signals; Skins (Feel free to browse and find something else...let me know what you discover.) OK, you\\\'ve chosen your movie, managed to find a copy and are ready for what comes next. * Watch the film and take notes about plot, main characters and themes. * Decide what you\\\'d like to write about this film. It might be an analysis of the main character(s), the theme, the issues raised in the film, the design or direction of the film or...? Your choice. * Make a brief outline of what you intend to talk about--it\\\'s a great help in organizing your ideas. * Start writing and use a style kind of like writing a story. Don\\\'t assume your reader knows anything about the film, but don\\\'t spend your 500 words repeating the plot--BORING! * Finish by reading the essay aloud to see if it flows nicely and makes sense. source..

Overview of the story
The novel 'Like Water for Chocolate' is about a girl named Tita who falls in love with a man named Pedro but cannot marry him because she is the last daughter in their family. According to their culture, the youngest daughter is supposed to remain in the family to take care of her mother until she dies. Because of this, Pedro is not allowed to marry Tita but allowed to take her elder sister, Rosaura with whom he has a daughter called Roberto. Despite being married, Rosaura does not know how to take care of her baby and Tita offers to help her raise the boy. Meanwhile Tita decides to dedicate her time in cooking delicious food in the kitchen since she can no longer marry Pedro. She however meets with Pedro secretly and their relationship continues. Tita's mother suspects their secret relationship and Pedro is forced to leave for SabAntonio, Texas. Roberto dies while in San Antonio. Meanwhile Tita has close relationship with Dr. Brown but her love for Pedro does not allow her to marry him. As time goes for Rosaura and Elena, their mother dies. This gives her and Pedro the opportunity to make love in a night of bliss. Pedro dies in the process and Tita causes a house fire that consumes of both them and the entire ranch. The only thing that remains is Tita's ...
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