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Experience in MOMA Research Assignment Paper (Essay Sample)


write an essay about the experience in MOMA museum, these are two pics. the main point is choose one you like most and the other one you don't like the most and explain the pics and the reasons.


Experience in MOMA
Date of submission
Experience in MOMA
The two paintings of Henry Matisse’s Dance I in 1909 and Vincent Van Gogh were the Starry Night in 1889 are both at the extreme ends regarding expressions of ideas, appearance, and imagination. The Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh is the more appealing in appearance and creativity compared to the Dance I by Henry Matisse which is simple, dull and lack creativity. The two paintings are described in the subsequent sections based on the physical appearance, emotional appealing and the message depicted by the observer.
The Starry Night
The picture has curving and swirling lines of the hills, sky, mountains with contrasting colors of blue and yellow. There is a large flame-like cypress tree. There are buildings in the picture that reveal the village which is outlined in black color (Gogh, 1889).
Henry Matisse’s Dance I in 1909
The painting shows a group of five dancers in a circle with the two dancers at the foreground not holding hands. The painting has three distinct contrasting colors such as blue, green and brown. These dancers are in circular motion with twisting bodies with most of them facing away from the audience except one dancer who glues her eyes downwards (Lanchner, 2008).
Personal reaction
The colors used in the first picture are designed symbolically coupled with the expression of values instead of the light and the natural appearance of the surroundings which boosts emotions. It indicates a deep psychological and emotional thought revealing a soul searching mind in a person. A feeling of loneliness can be exhibited due to the night and darkness on the village which indicates a desolate and misery situation of a person. However, the most interesting and lovely part of the artwork is the tonal shift portrayed by the colors and the brushstrokes. There is an incorporation of darker colors. The painting is dominated by the blue colors ...
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