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Describe The Attributes Of The Musical Selection In Renaissance Period (Essay Sample)


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Attributes of Musical Selection in the Renaissance Period.
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The Renaissance period ranges roughly from 1450-1600CE, and encompasses a musical style that evolved from the medieval era. Renaissance music originated from Europe and approximately all of it emanated from Italy, England and Holland. Although most of its music was composed and written for the church, some of it was secular. The overall style, structure, instruments and composers were varying culturally and all of them aided each other turn the medieval music to the Renaissance. The objectives of this research are to determine certain elements of music such as form, rhythm, melody, tempo, harmony, timbre and texture in renaissance music.
* Form.
Renaissance music mostly had a polyphonic form in the lowest pitch. Examples of songs with the polyphonic form from the era is the Sanctus song and Agnus Dei (Class Readings on Form).
* Melody.
Melody of the renaissance music was predominantly vocal in style with octave ranges. An example of this is Aida by Verdi.
* Tempo.
The tempo of the music was slow and tactusand. An example of a song from the renaissance era with the tempo is L’homme arme (Readings on Tempo and its Variations).
* Harmony.
Songs from this period sounded together, they were consonant with a purposeful chord. An example of a song with this element is Kyrie by Pope Marcellus Mass.

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