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Critical-Analytical Responses to Films. Visual & Performing Arts Essay. The Loser in Pete. (Essay Sample)


watch the film
Goin’ Down the Road (1970)
Step 2:
Select a Scene that illustrates:

Exclusion or an Excluded Group OR
Participation or Protest to Combat Exclusion OR
Participation of the Filmmakers (ex: Michael Moore, Maysles Bros, LGBTQ filmmakers) OR
Problematic Depictions of Excluded Groups as ‘Others’
Write 500 words of Analysis
Begin with a line Setting the Scene:
“The scene begins with Michael Moore entering the lobby of General Motors, and a handheld camera follows Moore. Moore asks Reception for an appointment to see the Chairman, Roger Smith. Moore is confronted by a security guard and the conflict escalates….”

Cite 1 relevant Course Reading from the week we examined the film.

Entitle your Critical-Analytical Response briefly:
“Confronting Sal’s ‘Italian-Only’ Wall of Photos in Do the Right Thing”
“Rebecca’s Vague Lesbian Desire in The Celluloid Closet”
"Deliverance's Introduction of the Rural Poor 'Hillbilly'"

Read the reading uploaded
PLEASE watch the film! Here is the Link


The Loser in Pete
Student’s Name
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The Loser in Pete
The scene begins with a close-up of Pete and Joey’s beer glasses on the table. Then, Joey commences the conversation by asking Pete what he thinks their factory foreman makes a week (Stewart, 2017). The conversation continues as Pete makes negative remarks about the foreman, saying that whatever he makes, all he does is stand and watch them work. However, Joey is optimistic. He notes that if they continue working at the factory, they could earn what their foreman earns. Again, Pete is negative as he asks Joey, “For what?” (Stewart, 2017). For Pete, it does not make sense that they work for such a low wage. He is insistent that working at the factory is no different from when they were at home. At this point, Joey makes a point of reminding him that back home, they never received as good as $80 a week. Still, Pete is not convinced. To show Joey why he calculates the number of crates they have produced at the factory for three months. This calculation, which only includes what the two have produced, shows that they have made for their employer more than $250,000 (Stewart, 2017).
This scene shows protest or participation to combat exclusion. Pete is not satisfied with their new job. This is even though he and Joey came to Toronto to look for better opportunities. Also, their current job pays better than any other job they have eve

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