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Baytown Symphony (Essay Sample)

\"You are required to attend 1 performance within the semester & write 550-825 word essay on the performance, with attached program.\" Professor Shannon. I picked the “Great American Pops” Concert at the baytown symphony please see: http://baytownsymphony(dot)org/concerts.htm Now I need a 3 page essay about it. a sample essay from our instructor is attached for more assistance. source..
Concert Critique: Baytown Symphony
On Saturday, October 9, 2010   at 7:30pm, I attended "Great American Pops" Concert Baytown symphony concert 2010 -2011which was staged at the Lee College Library, concert venue was Defee Street and Lee Drive Concert Hall, Center for Performing Arts. Under the stewardship of Conductor Dennis Eichler, the orchestra performed selections including pieces from Duke Ellington Fantasy by Ralph Hermann, American Symphony, from Mr. Holland`s Opus by Michael Kamen, The Cowboys Overture\by John Williams, Rhapsody in Blue by George Gershwin, arranged by Ferde Grofe, Bugler`s Holiday, Leroy Anderson, National Emblem, Edwin Bagley, Symphonic Highlights from Pirates of the Caribbean: At World`s End and Hans Zimmer done by Paul Lavender. In attendance to grace the occasion was the Bay Choir who joined the orchestra in performing when it had hit climax.
At start the audience came in trickle and instantly lined in large bunches at the entrance. This case was similarly witnessed on stage by performers who took to the podium. A hand full of musicians went on stage, and slowly gained momentum while fans began to rise from their seats.  A blend of interesting sounds started to emerge from the podium as well as those seated at the front. This constant development instilled excitement sensations in everyone present in the hall.   Immediately the orchestra finished their tuning, the conductor Dennis Eichler, walked onto the stage and without a word began to take the musicians through the first piece that covered Americas heroic actions during and after the world war. Rhapsody in Blue was cleverly brought live on the podium as directed by Ferde Grofe. He did this according to the renowned artwork of The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald the original composer. According to the foundations, Scott had coined the phrase ‘the Jazz Age` in order to mean the vibrant era experienced in America after the First World War. Instantly, the presentation of National Emblem, by Edwin Bagley took over from the historical events. The composition showed an obituary as well as a salutation for Edwin Eugene Bagley. It instilled a blend of melancholy and patriotism in the public that was present in the occasion. These sensations were due to the fact that during Edwin Eugene Bagley lifetime, he had managed to compose and direct a variety of marches, particularly the famous march known as the National Emblem. With feelings of patriotism in the populace, the stage assumed the tune of celebrations on Independence in the United States with citations of The Star-Spangled Banner despite the sad side of the demise of the author.
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