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Lucie Rie’s Ceramics Artist. Visual & Performing Arts Essay (Essay Sample)


Write a two page essay about this two choice. In double space.


Ceramics Alternate Assignment
Pick TWO out of the following assignment choices to be completed in place of a project grade.Choice #1 - Artist Research Choose an artist from the list to the right. Research that artist and write a one page paper describing his or her life and artwork.
Your paper should be in your own words, not copied and pasted from a website, and must be factually correct
Your paper should be double-spaced, typed, written in 12-point Times New Roman with one Inch margins.


fhnice #3 - Critique / Choose one artwork from an artist listed above.
I/Complete a critique of this work answering the following questions:Vice f oose 1. Describe the piece you are critiquing.I 2. What do you think is good about this piece? What do you think is not so good?I 3. Is this piece similar or different from the ceramic pieces this artist usually makes? How is iti  lac similar or different? 4. Describe how this work used two of the following elements and principles of art: texture,V  \ color, line, rhythm, balance, shape, form, contrast 5. How do you think this piece was constructed?


Student’s Name
Institutional Affiliation
Choice 1: Lucie Rie
Lucie was born in the year 1902 to a Jewish family in Vienna town. She was the last born in a family of three. Lucie discovered her passion for art at the age of twenty, during which, she enrolled for art and crafts at the Kunstgewerbeschule. While attending the school, Lucie learned the throw technique from her mentor, Michael Powolny, a technique she commonly practiced all through her career. Moreover, she became fond of the potter’s wheel, and this curiosity led her to begin her lifelong career of making bowls and pots. When starting, Lucie’s work was mainly influenced by Josef Hoffmann, and she used a limited palette of colors on the bowls and pots. After graduating, Lucie made more pieces that were displayed at international exhibitions across Europe and majority of them received gold medals. In 1938, Lucie moved to London to continue her career, but her pieces had little appreciation in London, mainly because of the different and modern notion that had become apparent in Britain’s society. Nonetheless, Lucie was convinced to continue making her original creations, which were similar to those she originally made in Austria. She did not adhere to the strict lines of a specific aesthetic direction that was prevalent among her contemporaries; instead, her pieces were inspired by her environment and the existing architecture. Her constant upgrade enabled Lucie to come up with

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