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Option A: Artist Biography Option B:Biographical Catalogue Entry. Mary Pearson (Essay Sample)


There will be 2 option for this essay, only need to pick 1 to write.
Option A: Artist Biography ("bio")
Following the examples in your reading assignments, write a one or two paragraph artist biography for an artist of your choosing. You may choose to include as much personal information or cultural context as you think is appropriate. However, you must also include a brief explanation for why you chose to include certain information, how it will affect the interpretation of the exhibition, and what you want your audience to think or feel about the artist and his or her work.

Option B: Biographical Catalogue Entry
Write a short (one or two paragraph) catalogue entry that focuses on an artists of your choosing. Your entry can be an expanded form of an artist bio. In other words, it can follow the standard bio format but include information that allows for a more critical examination of the artist’s work. Another option would be to write a paragraph that thoroughly addresses a theme that reoccurs in the artist's work and illuminates the type of artist s/he is. Whatever angle you decide to take, try to incorporate an element of research into your writing. Unlike an art review, a catalogue entry is not an evaluation based on visual evidence and subjective opinion. It must provide your reader with information acquired by studying other critical and historic texts written about the work, artist, concept, or time period.


Artist Biography (“bio”)
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Mary Pearson
Mary Pearson was born in 1985 in Barnstable, South West England. Having been raised near two National Parks and right next to the sea, her love for the outdoors grew tremendously. Throughout her life, Pearson has always been captivated by images and how the world is portrayed through the eyes of others. Naturally, Pearson was drawn to photography. The interest was cultivated during her teenage years and further advanced when she opted to take her Bachelor Degree in Photography. Upon the completion of her degree, Pearson delved deeper into photography practice, which involved loss and regeneration of life. 

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