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Visual & Performing Arts
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Read an article and write an one-page handout. Visual & Performing Arts (Essay Sample)


the article you need to read is "svetlana alpers, “interpretation without representation, or, the viewing of las meninas” 1983"
the link is here, all you need to do is register, it is totally free.
You will need to summarize and present the main points of the article to the class, as well as provide a brief handout summarizing your notes.
- 1-2 page long
- Include the main points of the article
- Any illustrations, images, charts etc that you feel would aid in summarizing the article (not required – only if you feel it is beneficial)
- Additional points for consideration (your own thoughts? Critique?)
- Think of this handout as an opportunity to help your classmates with compiling notes. By the end of term you should have a full set of notes for all the readings that everyone compiled together.
Grading Rubric – 10% of final grade

1. Comprehension: How effective are you at summarizing the main ideas and synthesizing the central argument of the article. How well do you understand what the author is saying, and can you present this information to the class? 4 Points
2. Analysis: Do you present your own critical thoughts, analysis and opinions on the article. For example, do you agree or disagree - do you feel the argument is strong or flawed? 2 Points
3. Handout: Is your handout concise, informative and useful. How well have you organized the information? 2 Points
4. Presentation style and Discussion Questions: Is your presentation organized, clear and effective. Are your questions relevant and thought provoking? 2 Points


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In his article Interpretation without Representation or the Viewing of Las Meninas, Svetlana Alpers points out that the Velazquez brings out the relationship between the world view and the absent viewer. Such is contrary to other beliefs that the relationship is caused by the lack of a conscious human subject, a concept which is essential in classical representation. Alpers gives examples of two modes of viewing a picture. 

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