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African Influences in Modern Art Visual & Performing Arts Essay (Essay Sample)


Please choose on African artwork and one European modernist artwork from the website. Describe each artwork and discuss the defining characteristics of various genres and movements by using key terms (primitive, cubism, surrealism, etc.) and the meaning behind it. Compare the two artworks. How is European art influenced by African art? It’s better if you can relate it to the book Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad.


African Influences in Modern Art
African Influences in Modern Art
Art, in general, has evolved. In the process of evolution, several artistic elements have played significant roles in developing modern architecture. Some of the aesthetic aspects that influenced contemporary art were obtained from the African artworks. It is after the incorporation of the African artistic elements that cubism got a place in artwork. One of the significant characteristics of African art that influenced European modernist artwork was the primitivism nature that was common on most African artworks, especially the masks. To expound on how European modernist artwork was influenced by African artwork, this paper shall compare the African mask and Les Demoiselles d'Avignon artwork by Picasso, which is believed to be the genesis of the Cubist era.

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