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Acid Jazz - Elements Of Disco, Jazz, Soul, And Funk (Essay Sample)


One of the course objectives is “to recognize the great jazz innovators and their contributions to jazz music.”  Your end-of-term written assignment (approximately 500-600 words, typewritten) is to reflect upon what you have learned about jazz—and about music—and to examine how that knowledge has helped you gain an appreciation for jazz music.

  1. For this assignment, you can discuss either a jazz style or a particular performer that *we have studied in the class.  
  2. To examine this style or performer, you are to select a jazz recording that has not been featured in the online lessons, unit listening lists, discussion boards, or supplementary recordings.

*Note:  You may also choose a performer or style that we have NOT studied in the class as long as your selected recording is also NOT from the class.

Pick a piece that you especially like, or that you find moving or memorable.  As a header for your paper, be sure to cite the recording details: the group (or solo performer), the title of the piece, the composer, all performers and instruments, and the record publisher.

Consider the piece in light of what you have learned in your studies.  Examine the work through careful, attentive listening, and analyze a portion of the piece to demonstrate aspects of the knowledge you have gained in your studies.

Has the knowledge you have gained enhanced your appreciation of jazz music?  Has it changed your view of jazz?  Do you hear music differently as a result?  Elaborate.


Acid Jazz
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Acid Jazz
Also referred to as club jazz, acid jazz combines elements of disco, jazz, soul, and funk. It originated in the mid-1980s. It originated from groove movement DJs that used to play obscure jazz records. During this time, the main interests included jazz funk, jazz fusion and less of the 1960s jazz soul. The Blue Note Records was one of the notable records during the time that played a significant role in the development of Acid Jazz (Snowboy & Cotgrove, 2009). The rare groove movement DJs included Gilles Peterson who played in several clubs in London. In 1988, he partnered with Eddie Piller, a producer, to form Acid Jazz Records Label. The record label first released Totally Wired, a compilation which comprised of ‘obscure junk funk tracks' that contained elements the 1970s Jazz. Peterson left the label to establish the Talkin Loud label in 1990 which signed major acts such as Urban Species and Young Disciples. After breaking into the mainstream with acts like Brand New Heavies, Acid Jazz records worked with other phenomenal groups like Incognito and Us3. Us3's 1993 Cantaloop became one of the biggest hit in the genre further raising interest in Acid Jazz (Snowboy & Cotgrove, 2009). Other successful acts that worked with Acid Jazz records include Jamiroquai, James Taylor Quartet, and Stereo MCs. Acid Jazz hit the US scene in early 1990.
Maurice Bernstein and Jonathan Rudnick are credited for the introduction of Acid Jazz in New York. They established the Groove Academy that later developed into a media company and a record label. Other notable acts in Ne

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