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Underpinnings Of The Venture Capital Market (Essay Sample)


Most of us are familiar with transactions taking place within formal Equity and Debt Capital Markets. Inherent within these markets is access to public information and its importance in much of today’s financial research, analysis and quite frankly, gossip.

Often our knowledge of financial trends is formed by what we read in various financial publications or see on CNBC! For example the Internet boom introduced many investors to the IPO market.

Venture Capital (VC) which is a subset of the formal Private Equity Markets is one of the least understood financial markets. Due to its private nature, very little information beyond industry generalities or completed transactions is available. Despite its mysterious nature, Venture Capital remains one of the primary capital sources for both startup and early stage firms.

This course provides a comprehensive look into the inner workings of Venture Capital along with the various skill sets required of first year analysts. The class will include case studies and class discussions augmented by lectures from industry experts.


Key Lessons
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Part 1:
For the whole semester of taking Venture Capital under Professor Ogelvee, we've learned a lot about the nature and the underpinnings of the Venture Capital Market, which is a subset of the Private Equity Markets. Throughout the whole discussion, we've noticed how important the VCs are, not only for their firms but also for the general economy as they provide an opportunity for the growth and enrichment of companies that at times prove to be very valuable. Notably, we've studied about numerous topics such as the pros and cons of having a VC to back up one's venture, their sourcing and screen

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