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Extra Credit Assignment Due Accounting, Finance, SPSS Essay (Essay Sample)


Copy and paste the link at the bottom of the assignment description to find an article about research regarding Medicaid. Write a brief review in your own words of the article and then discuss how it is related to the class material. Be sure to click on "tables and figures". Why should we care about the article? How does it relate to our course? How does it teach you about how economists think about the world? Complete the survey on the cover page.
The essay needs to be typed, double-spaced, in times new roman font, with a font size 12 in order to be graded. It needs to be one page with one inch margins in order to be graded (a second page will not be graded). Do NOT write your name or a title at the top. It should just start with the article. Upload your word doc or pdf on the course website. No paper assignments will be graded.
The grades will range from 0 to 2 points toward your final course score. A one point essay will give an understanding of the article, a two point essay will give a thorough understanding of the article and do an excellent job relating the article to class material. You will lose one point for every day that the assignment is late.
You have to read both articles and course PPT in order to write the short essay. Make sure you meet all requirements above. Read those requirements carefully!!!


The Oregon Experiment – Effects of Medical on Clinical Outcomes
The article is an analysis of how Medicaid had affected medical coverage. The study was motivated by a lack of clarity on how clinical coverage had changed after the expansion of Medicaid. The Medicaid expansion of Oregon which was based on lottery drawings, presented an opportunity to conduct a study on how it had really influenced clinical outcomes. The study was conducted on 6387 respondents who got the health coverage and another 5842 who did not get the coverage. The study entailed clinical tests like blood pressure on the respondents to see how the coverage was impacting their health (Baicker et al., 2013). The conclusion drawn was that Medicaid lacked significant improvements within the first two years of acquisition, however, the improvement was noted

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