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The Effect Of International Financial Reporting Standards On Current Tax Planning Strategy (Essay Sample)


---For this assignment, you will be submitting an essay on the effect the adoption of IFRS has had, and will continue to have, on tax planning strategy. .
--- The purpose of this assignment is for you to consider how and to what extent the adoption of IFRS in the United States will affect current tax planning strategy, both in the short-term and the long-term.
--- As this is an essay, and not a comprehensive research project, limit your analysis to three or four standards and/or strategies that will be affected by the adoption of IFRS. Cite at least two separate research sources per issue analyzed.


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The international financial reporting standards (IFRS) refers to an arrangement of global accounting guidelines outlining how specific sorts of transitions and different events has to be accounted for in the financial statements (Houqe et al.2012). These are provided by the international accounting standards board (IASB), and they are mandated to indicate how a basic accounting language, accounts and business community from one organization to another and from one country to another. This essay provides a brief analysis on the effects on IFRS on the current tax planning strategy.
Houqe et al. (2012) investigated the impacts of compulsory adoption of IFRS on the income quality in nations which show greater financial secrecy. The study discovered that compulsory adoption of IFRS enhances profit quality by lowering abnormal accumulation and earning conservatism. There are further indirect impacts of IFRS adoption on the current tax planning strategy. Indeed, IFRS enhances the mechanisms that firms employ internally to enhance the financial reporting quality. For instance, Mirra et al. (2011) assessed the effects of having an audit committee and board independence on income management, and the findings indicated that IFRS fundamentally led to effectiveness of the two corporate administration mechanisms. This plays an essential role in the reduction of earning management.
The adoption of IFRS leads to faster revenue recognition, hence greater flexibility. This is because the system is less detailed as compared to other strategies like the U. S. GAAD. It impacts greatly in provisions of directions around the accounting for multiple component designs. IFRS is more often based on the principles giving detailed rules and directions in the accounting for this kind of components. According to Blaylock, Gaertner and Shevlin (2015), when organizations

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