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Corporate Strategy Analysis Of Volkswagen (Essay Sample)


What need to include:
corporate strategy: vertical integration diversification
corporate strategy: M&A, and strategic alliances
global strategy: competing around the world
organizational design: structure, culture and control
corporate governance and business ethics
you could include some graph if needed


Corporate Strategy Analysis of Volkswagen
Corporate Strategy Analysis of Volkswagen
The Volkswagen Group recently announced its new strategy that aims to take global the firm's achievement in China of the “top of volume”. The established firm which boasts various brands around the world embarks on a long-term comprehensive strategy that puts together both the interior and exterior factors of the industry. It represents an all-around approach that builds around the best interests of the company, its investors, consumers, and the general public. Branded TRANSFORM 2025+, the decade-long strategy aims to establish and cement the superiority of its brand across different regions around the world through customer satisfaction. It aims to achieve the grand fete through innovative measures in improved connectivity, e-mobility, and environmental awareness through sustainable mobility. The success of this strategy is also fundamentally held on the firm's renewed team spirit as an integral part of its culture. The strategy's implementation is projected to run up to the year 2030, and in three phases each tasked with achieving a specific growth purpose. In order to understand the goals of the group's strategy, it is important to analyze it in terms of a plan's vertical integration diversification, strategic alliances, competitiveness, and organizational design.
Vertical integration diversification
TRANSFORM 2025+ is a 3-phased strategy aimed at achieving specific target goals that will ensure the group's position as the leading original equipment manufacturer (OEM) in the world remains the same. In a world where new innovations in technology are the order of the day, it is only important for any manufacturing firm to invest in modern technology and their application. The multi-phased strategy centers on advanced technical innovations in the mobility sector through a brand restructuring period running for two years up to 2020. The manufacturing of electric cars is on the rise, and in order to remain relevant or competitive in the market, Volkswagen dedicates more resources towards e-mobility for the period 2020 to 2025. Through quality and profitable volume production of approximately 10 million electric cars per year, the firm aims to ascertain its leading position in OEM through a wider revenue base. The revenue base will be created through new mobility services, thanks to the broader base of service applications that come to its investment in the digital platform. Old models which were low

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