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Accounting: Capital Budgeting (Essay Sample)




This SLP has two parts.

Part I

Every company has capital projects. The company you have selected must need something! Be it a new wing to the building, a new product line to be funded, a new piece of equipment, find one new acquisition your company needs.

Once you have identified the new possible investment item, what problems are you going to have in estimating the cash flow that might be emanating from the initial investment and problems in getting it funded? Issues might be:

  • Risk
  • Cost
  • Politics (getting it through committees)
  • Public Relations
  • etc.,

Identify a potential capital project for your company describe such a project and write a short summary of the problems you see in getting the funding to see it through.

Part II

Examine the structure and activities in your organization and identify two projects or events that required an investment. One should be a 'current project' and the other long-term investment project.

For each project or event, identify the preferable source of funding. You may not have access to the actual source of funding so limit your paper to the source YOU feel is most appropriate. Then explain why you feel that source is most appropriate.

 This is a Signature Assignment Expectation for FIN301 Module 4 SLP

There are 2 specific learning outcomes: 1) apply business theories, models, and concepts to guide analysis of problems and situations and 2) utilize data driven analysis in making business decisions.

In this SLP assignment for Module 4 our emphasis will be on understanding the preferable source of funding. You will be summarizing all of what you learned the in the Cases, SLPs and TDs.

The grading rubric below has been developed to measure student success in meeting the FIN301 Module 4 SLP expectations related to applying your knowledge of the source of funding on making business decisions.


Capital Budgeting
Capital Budgeting
Kerr Deliveries is a successful delivery company situated in New South Wales. The company has been operating since 1995 and has grown immensely over since then and is still growing. Currently the staff of the company is composed of 14 administrative staff, 8 sales personnel, and 33 delivery personnel. In addition the company has bicycles, cars and vans that the delivery personnel uses to deliver parcels to its customers. Kerr Deliveries is set to enlarge its market base and start operations in Melbourne, Canberra, and Brisbane within the next three months (Edmonds, 2007).
Due to this expansion, Robert plans to hire additional staff to handle the additional workload that will arise when the company expands. To facilitate swift operations, Robert also plans to purchase new computers that will be used in the new locations. In addition, he plans to replace all the existing computers in the firm because they are old and have started to be slow in handling the extensive operations of the company (Edmonds, 2007). The current project for Kerr Deliveries is to purchase 20 new computers, 13 new lightweight laptops and 50 Personal digital assistant (PDA) embedded with the latest GPS tracking system.
Problem of risk will be experienced ...
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