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Read Passages And Answer Three Questions: Patrick Brown Accusation (Coursework Sample)


Big Idea: Questions are roots
Essential Question: What makes a good question?
Learning Goals: 
1. Read sources for meaning on multiple levels, from the surface to the depths.2. Locate an argument and its parts.3. Locate pieces of supporting evidence in an argument.4. Develop a critical voice in interacting with different sources and perspectives.5. Evaluate the effectiveness of an argument.6. Create purposeful and meaningful research notes.
Reading texts with precision and a critical eye is an important academic skill in the AP Seminar program.
Read the attached passage and then respond to the following three questions:
1. Identify the author’s argument, main idea, or thesis.2. Explain the author’s line of reasoning by identifying the claims used to build the argument and the connections between them.3. Evaluate the effectiveness of the evidence the author uses to support the claims made in the argument.
1. Read carefully the assigned article, highlighting for the argument, its parts, and key pieces of evidence.  Please note that you might need to read the text more than once to appreciate the different layers of meaning.2. Annotate the text for the parts of the argument that are strong, but also the pieces of evidence that are weaker.  Be certain to look for gaps, missing voices, and evidence that might lack credibility or reliability.3. Respond to each question in turn, being careful to provide only the most essential components, especially for the first two questions.  Type in full sentences please.4. Submit your analysis in the Classroom post.


Patrick Brown Accusation
The article is about Patrick Brown who was the Ontario Progressive Conservative leader at the time when the sexual allegations were raised against. Just a few months before the provincial elections, two unnamed women alleged that Brown had sexually harassed them. According to one of the accusers, Brown had asked for oral sex from her when she was still a high school student. During this time Mr. Brown was a Barrie city councilor. The second woman alleged that when Brown was a federal MP, he sexually assaulted her at his home.
The main issues according to the author concerns the anonymous allegations of sexual assault which are made by unnamed accusers. Also, the assumption that the accused was already guilty before the due process was followed and before he was given time to defend himself. (Blatchford, 2018). According to the author, there is nothing that would require such as great courage and bravery than raising accusations of such magnitude against someone while hiding ones face, name and all other identities. The accusers in this case remain unnamed and are unknown. The author refers to them as the accusers from the shadows. Ordinarily, there is need to know the accusers who accused Brown of sexual assault to help in verifying these claims and also aid in following the necessary procedures that are outlined in the law.
Additionally, it is also a concern to the author that Patrick Brown is already assumed guilty following the public trial (Blatchford, 2018). The writer notices that Brown's colleagues and members from his party did not defends him and no one talked about the principle of presumption of innocence. It is also important to note that Brown was not given a chance to defend himself before the public. When, Kathleen Wynne was asked whether it was fair to assume that the accused was guilty without follow

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