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Read And Answer Questions: What Is The Ethical Issue In Case? (Coursework Sample)


You only need to give short answers, keep them short so all these questions can fit on one page.
thank you very much
Read pages 45-49 and 67-70. Consider (think about) this problem: what is the place of morality (remember: a sense of what is permitted, and what is not permitted) in a pluralistic, twenty-first-century modern culture?. Be sure to take into account the issues mentioned in the readings.
For your assignment:
Summarize the case or caselet.
What is the ethical issue(s) in this case?
What are some possible solutions to the case?
What reasons support those solutions?
What do you think should be done, and why?
How do the issues of "morality in the twenty-first century" relate to this case? (questions, points to consider, etc.)
What are some questions for class discussion?


Moral Questions
The ethical issues underlying this case is whether moral judgement is an expression of personal preferences, a reference to majority will, a directive from a moral authority such as God or caring about others/rules. The ethical issues arise due to lack of distinction between moral disagreements and personal preferences.
Given the conflicting ideas on what is wrong or right, some possible solutions include differentiating personal expression on preferences and conflicting moral judgements. Regan illustrates this by stating that, ‘I (Jill) do not like Grateful Dead.' However, Jack likes it but an issue like abortion would trigger reasons for a given opinion. Also, refraining from qualifying personal thoughts on something as right or wrong. Regan states, “Our thinking something right or wrong does not make it so.” Another solution is knowing right or wrong i

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